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the return of the self-starter NYC mailing list!

NP: “Head Rolls Off”Frightened Rabbit. What do I need to say?.
NP: “These Are The Eyes”Bodies Of Water. This record is not as good as this song may lead you to believe. It’s inconsistent, and not just because every song sounds like a different band. But when it clicks, it’s pretty great.
NP: “Tonight The Streets Are Ours”Richard Hawley. The fact that such a perfect classic pop song can actually exist just makes me happy.
NP: “Rockist Part 1”School Of Language. Wow. Pretty amazing.
NP: “Bright Tomorrow”Fuck Buttons. I must admit… the bloggers have got it right to rave about this one. Well, perhaps they shouldn’t be raving, but Fuck Buttons are an intriguing and challenging listen.
NP: “Strangers In The Wind”Cut Copy. This isn’t a high-quality rip, but it’s just so good I need to add it. This is pure synth-pop bliss. I have a feeling this album just may be my summer soundtrack.
NP: “Keep It Real”Plants And Animals. Rock Plaza Central is going to be doing a couple of dates with these fellow-Canadians. I love the record, and then getting to see them at SXSW made me have a whole greater appreciation for them. They’re the real deal. Great songwriters with great voices who can pull it off live and on record. Impressive.
NP: “Horse To Water”R.E.M.. Surprise #1 is that the album doesn’t make me gag. Surprise #2 is that most of the album is guitar-songs. Surprise #3 is that a couple of songs are actually pretty good. This is one of the three that fall in that category (and the single is one of the other two).
NP: “Kings & Compromises”Sleepercar. Jim Ward (ex At The Drive-In / Sparta) is back with this new project that I can only really describe as Replacements-y. Unfortunately, it’s “All Shook Down” era Replacements, but that’s still pretty damn OK in my book.
NP: “Michael Myers Resplendent”The Mountain Goats. This is the original boombox demo version of the song from Heretic Pride that makes my heart stop flutter (I have an infarction). Still beautiful, but in a very different way. [Special shout-out to Andy Espenshade for giving me this .mp3!]
NP: “30_milkshakes__2008_03_19.m3u”stream all of the above songs.
NP: “30_milkshakes__2008_03_19.rar”rar file of all of the above songs.
NR: 2/3rds of the way through 5 different New Yorkers, 1/4 of the way through 3 other New Yorkers, and 10% of the way into an Edith Wharton novella that I can’t even remember the name of.

OK, so… I’m going to try to start doing this again. We’ll see how well I do, but… I *have* been listening to a lot of new music lately. So… what the hell!Will start doing some show picks as well. But not this week. This week is all about the Frightened Rabbit:

Thursday, March 20 – Lit – Listening Party / DJ Party / Drinking Party
Saturday, March 22 – Mercury Lounge – w/ Longwave
Sunday, March 23 – Johnny Brenda’s (Philadelphia) – w/ Sons And Daughters, Bodies Of Water
Monday, March 24 – Middle East Downstairs (Boston) – w/ Sons And Daughters, Bodies Of Water
Tuesday, March 25 – Union Pool – w/ Right On Dynamite