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more music, and upcoming shows

NP: “Swimmer”Four Tet. I’ve got to give this new EP about 48 more listens, as it hasn’t fully grabbed me yet. But I’m positive it will.
NP: “Magic Doors”Portishead. I’m not a fan of Portishead, I can admit. I’ve only went back and got the previous records after learning that there would be a new one. But there are a couple of songs on this record that I enjoy more than anything previous. This song gives me a nice Talk Talk meets “Wrecking Ball”-era Emmylou Harris tingle. (But, of course, nothing could ever be as good as Talk Talk or “Wrecking Ball”-era Emmylou Harris.)
NP: “Pennantless On Homecoming”Hills Like White Elephants. Sounds like an emo version of Hood, with a horn and string section. Or a wussy version of The Paper Chase. How’s that for an entirely un-useful description?
NP: “Under My Skin”Jukebox The Ghost. Philadelphia band that put out their own record recently. I only heard of them because they acted as the backing band for These United States at a recent TUS show. I tracked down this record and am thoroughly enjoying it. Hopefully you won’t see them touring with Say Anything anytime soon.
NP: “Let’s Make Some Plans”The Wedding Present. Speaking of covering The Wedding Present (foreshadowing), here’s The Wedding Present doing one of my favorite songs ever: “Let’s Make Some Plans” by The Close Lobsters. I’ve been making the Frightened Rabbit boys listen to a lot of Close Lobsters in the van the last couple of times they’ve been over to the states. I think they’ve formed an appreciation, or perhaps they’re just trying to get me to shut up.
NP: “Let’s Make Some Plans”Close Lobsters. Here’s the original.
NP: “Joni”Correcto. This could easily be a cover of a song which didn’t make it onto the Bizarro album by The Wedding Present. The production on this is a dead-on impersonation of 1988, and I mean that as a high fucking compliment. I would have played this on my college radio show between The Poster Children and The Feelies (and there is a song on this Correcto record that sounds like The Feelies, too.)
NP: “White Winter Hymnal”Fleet Foxes. You’re going to hear a lot about Fleet Foxes over the next couple of months. A lot of it is going to be warranted, as they ARE a good band. I don’t think they’re a great band, as I don’t think their songs are either a) catchy enough or b) lyrically important enough, and I don’t hear as much emotion from the lead singer as I’d like, but… perhaps with some touring under their belts they will turn the corner.
NP: “So High So Low So Wide So Long”These United States. Now here’s the band that I think Fleet Foxes could become. Although they’re a bit flip-flopped with Fleet Foxes at the moment: These United States are great live, but made a good record, while Fleet Foxes made a good record, while are merely OK live. Perhaps they should merge into one band? These United States are from DC and don’t sound anything like any other band from that town ever. Lead singer Jessie has a voice like none I’ve ever heard – breathy and soulful, he makes his way through some serious verbosity with clarity and warmth. Highly recommended.
NP: “Only As The Day Is Long”Sera Cahoone. Sub Pop putting this out. Sera has a real country voice that strikes hard and deep. I hear shades of Rebecca Gates, Lucinda Williams, Suzanne Vega, maybe even Aimee Mann, and 200 years worth of mamas singing to their babes. Something smoky and textural. Totally simple and pretty stunning.
NP: “Small Potatoes”A Weather. Perhaps too twee, but there is something about this song which is charming and good. I’m reminded of both The National and Haywood, but only nominally, and the boy/girl vocals don’t sound like either.
NP: “There Are Birds”The Ruby Suns. New Zealand lo-fi fuzzy weirdness. The album can be a challenging listen at times, but this is a great song.
NP: “Out Of My System”Jamie Lidell. There’s no tongue in cheek here… this is a serious attempt to recreate some sorta Stax/Motown/Blues Brothers soul. And like Multiply, it is seriously fucking great.
NP: “That’s What Counts”We Are Scientists. Holy fucking shit. What the hell were they thinking? This is straight out of 1984, and I love it like crazy. This is some total Lionel Richie or Wham slow jam, and they pull it off with panache.
NP: “30_milkshakes__2008_04_04.m3u”stream all of the above songs.
NP: “30_milkshakes__2008_04_04.rar”rar file of all of the above songs.
NR: Still wading my way through tons of New Yorkers, and now i’ve added Harper’s and Atlantic Monthly subscriptions. Yikes!

Thanks to everybody that came out to the Frightened Rabbit shows and party. A good time was had by all, as the ancients would say.

I’m having some serious bad luck with Chinese restaurants in NYC. First, Mee Noodle Shop, at 1st and 13th, burned down about a year and a half ago. Now yesterday we went to go to Ten Pell Street for the world’s best steamed vegetable dumplings, and it’s closed with a For Rent sign hanging up. Dammit!

Anyway, here are some upcoming show recommendations:

04.04 – Oxford Collapse / Cause Co-Motion! @ 132 W. 3rd St.
04.04 – Optimo DJs @ Studio B
04.04 – Bachelorette @ Sound Fix
04.05 – Lewis & Clarke @ Union Pool
04.05 – Malcolm Holcombe @ The Living Room
04.06 – The Dodos / Silje Nes / No Kids / Overlord @ Mercury Lounge
04.07 – Nina Nastasia & Jim White / Phosphorescent / Gary Higgins @ Bowery Ballroom
04.08 – Ya Ho Wha 13 / No-Neck Blues Band @ Knitting Factory
04.08 – Hot Chip @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
04.09 – Dirty Projectors @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
04.09 – Kaki King @ Bowery Ballroom
04.10 – These United States @ Cake Shop
04.11 – David Dondero / These United States @ Union Hall
04.11 – The Weatherthans @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
04.12 – Rogue Wave @ Irving Plaza
04.12 – Glenn Mercer @ Luna Lounge
04.13 – Eugene Mirman / Michael Showalter @ Union Hall (and most Sundays thereafter)
04.14 – Jukebox The Ghost @ Southpaw
04.18 – High Places / CEX / Evangelista @ Market Hotel
04.19 – Palomar / The Oranges Band / My Teenage Stride @ Union Hall
04.24 – Foals @ Bowery Ballroom
04.25 – Big Dipper / Antietam @ Southpaw
04.26 – Fiery Furnaces @ Southpaw
04.26 – American Music Club / Franz Nicolay & Major General @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
04.27 – American Music Club @ Mercury Lounge
05.03 – The Acorn / Ola Podrida @ Union Hall
05.07 – The Night Marchers @ Mercury Lounge
05.08 – Foals / The Ruby Suns @ Union Hall
05.10 – Jukebox The Ghost @ Mercury Lounge
05.14 – Cut Copy @ Bowery Ballroom
05.15 – Los Campesinos! @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
05.16 – The Mountain Goats @ Masonic Temple
05.17 – Blood On The Wall @ Bowery Ballroom
05.27 – Joe Lally @ Knitting Factory
06.06 – M.I.A. / Holy Fuck @ McCarren Pool
06.08 – Jamie Lidell @ Bowery Ballroom
06.09 – Jamie Lidell @ Bowery Ballroom
06.11 – Swervedriver @ Bowery Ballroom
06.12 – Swervedriver @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
06.20 – My Morning Jacket @ Radio City Music Hall
06.21 – Polvo @ Bowery Ballroom