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oxford collapse party monday night plus playlist

I’ve finally purchased a new external hard drive, so… once i get all the new music i’ve been stockpiling on there (umm… literally 80 GB awaiting importing), these playlists should come more often. In the meantime, here’s a great long playlist, and then a very exciting announcement below about Oxford Collapse.

Here’s this week’s playlist.

NP: “A Vespertine Haunting”Alive In Wild Paint. A band that sounds like Coldplay on Equal Vision Records? Bizarro.
NP: “Tears In The Morning”The Beach Boys. Just a damn pleasant song.
NP: “Time After Time”Cyndi Lauper. I gave the Cyndi Lauper debut album a bunch of listens last week. What a seriously amazing work of art this thing is. Check out the Bonus Tracks below for some more from it.
NP: “Adam And Nathan Totally Kick Ass”El Ten Eleven. For fans of Ratatat and Holy Fuck… this is some seriously catchy electronic instrumental rock.
NP: “Accountants Dream”Entire Cities. Toronto band checks in with a deliciously fun record. This song kinda gets me fired up in a very teenage way.
NP: “Rat Pack Dad”Half Cousin. I don’t know anything about this. Reminds me of Hood, with a bit of something else that I can’t put my finger on. As soon as it stops playing, I forget what it sounds like. Then I click on it again, and I remember. Strange.
NP: “Master Of The Universe”Hawkwind. Andy from Frightened Rabbit has taken to wearing a Hawkwind shirt with regularity, and it’s gotten me on a Hawkwind kick.
NP: “Stripmining & Refrain”James. The last number (or two, depending on how you look at it) on their masterpiece (in my opinion) Strip-Mine.
NP: “Stood Up To Leave”Jules Mark Shear. New Jules Shear album! Oh, my! I had no idea. Jules is best known for being covered by other folks, but I’ve always been a massive fan. See Bonus Tracks below for some more Jules Shear goodness.
NP: “You Don’t Come See Me Anymore”Malcolm Holcombe. New record from drunken fuck-up Malcolm Holcombe proves he’s officially taken the baton from Steve Earle.
NP: “The Sun Smells Too Loud”Mogwai. This seems to be everybody’s favorite from the new record, because it’s so damn pretty. But… you know what? it’s really fucking pretty, so I’m putting it on here.
NP: “Young Love Delivers”Oxford Collapse. The next single from their new album “BITS” Look for a kick-ass new video in the next couple of weeks.
NP: “Little Ones”Parts & Labor. If I told you this was an early 7″ on Lazy Records from 1986, you’d believe me. If I told you this was some new California 15-piece quasi-religious ensemble, you’d believe me. Amazing.
NP: “Block Preachers (Edit)”Richard Pryor. Classic Richard Pryor.
NP: “A Beautiful Place”Robert Wyatt. Simply beautiful. Download immediately.
NP: “The Prettiest Tree”Slow Down Tallahassee. A bit too indie-by-numbers, I suppose, but a pretty lovely song nonetheless.
NP: “Fear And Convenience”Thao. Remember the other day when you said that you were ready to hear a songwriter that combined the voice and inflection of Edie Brickell and Tanita Tikaram and wrote songs that sounded like Stephen Malkmus or Isaac Brock was the principle songwriter in Wilco instead of Jeff Tweedy? You don’t remember that conversation? Never mind, then. I’m a bit late (a lot late) to posting Thao, but… better late than never.
NP: “George Says He Has Lost His Way In This World”The Clientele. Song from the new EP. The Clientele have just simply hit their stride. It’s amazing to watch and hear a band 100% being themselves.
NP: “Love In A Car”The House Of Love. A couple of weeks ago I listened to The House Of Love’s first eponymous album from 1988 for a day or two. In particular, “My Love In A Car” over and over and over again. At the time I said, “I’m not much of a writer, but I think I could put down a good 5000 words David Foster Wallace style on this song if I wanted.” I feel a bit awkward about the DFW reference, but it IS true. Here’s a hint: you might be disappointed with the fade out on the first 15-20 listens, but by the time you get to the 50th listen, you’ll recognize just how genius the fadeout on this one is.
NP: “Blood”The Middle East. I know nothing about this. Not even sure how or where I got it. But this is a pleasant and pretty song.
NP: “Sparkle”The Nothingdoers. This is either boring and predictable, and comfortable and quaint. The jury’s still out.
NP: “On A Letter”The Sea And Cake. Time after time, album after album… The Sea And Cake really do just keeping getting better. It’s easy to forget that that’s true, but if you pay attention for a little bit, then you realize. Kinda amazing.
NP: BONUS TRACK “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”Robert Hazard. Philadelphia lost it’s only real New Wave hero a couple of weeks ago when Robert passed away. Growing up in PA, i thought that Robert Hazard was a pop star the world over. Sadly, that just wasn’t true. But he did write this gem.
NP: BONUS TRACK “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”Cyndi Lauper. And what an inspired cover this is.
NP: BONUS TRACK “All Through The Night”Jules Shear. More from Jules.
NP: BONUS TRACK “All Through The Night”Cyndi Lauper. And Cyndi’s cover from her debut album.
NP: BONUS TRACK “If We Never Meet Again”Reckless Sleepers. Jules Shear’s shortlived band, with, for my money, one of the 20 most beautiful songs ever written.
NP: BONUS TRACK “If We Never Meet Again”Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers. Another Pennsylvania-only legend. A nice cover, but i can just never forgive them for the small change to one of the most subtle and lovely lines in the original. Listen close and you’ll hear it.
NP: “30_milkshakes__2008_09_30.m3u”stream all of the above songs.
NP: “30_milkshakes__2008_09_30_part_01.rar”rar file of all of the above songs (Part 1).
NP: “30_milkshakes__2008_09_30_part_02.rar”rar file of all of the above songs (Part 2).
NR: Nothing. Being incredibly lazy and bad about reading.

Please come out tonight (Monday night) to our favorite new club to wish Oxford Collapse a bit of a bon voyage at the end of their long US/Canada tour. With a little help from the fine folks at Jack Daniels, Oxford Collapse will be sharing the stage with MiniKiss (yeah… the Little Kiss Tribute Band:, there will be drink specials all night, AND we have pretty much unlimited guest list. Wanna come out and party with us?

Monday, October 6
Le Poisson Rouge
Oxford Collapse

for guest list, just RSVP to this email with your full name, and whether you need a +1 or a +2.

directions / info:
158 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012

It’s a big week. On Tuesday, we’ll be volunteering at the Barack Rock event at Music Hall Of Williamsburg. It’s 7 bands and 6 comedians donating their time to raise money for the Obama campaign. Here are the advertised entertainers:

Tuesday, October 7
Music Hall Of Williamsburg
The Fiery Furnaces
Andrew Bird
Les Savy Fav (Acoustic Spectacular!)
Martin Bisi
Alina Simone
Lizz Winstead
Eugene Mirman
John Roberts
Kumail Nanjiani
Adira Amram
Heather Lawless
(not listed in order)

for more info, go here:

advance tickets:

or you can go to the Mercury Lounge Box Office from noon to 7:00 PM to avoid the ticketmaster fees

I’m not going to attempt to give you all a political lesson, but suffice it to say: if you are an Obama supporter, and haven’t donated any money, then you need to change that. I’m not saying you need to go to this event, but… you need to make a contribution. Here’s an easy tip: sell a couple of things on ebay, and instead of keeping the money, paypal it to the Obama campaign. Then it doesn’t cost you anything!

And, mark your calendars for this one, the long-awaited return of Frightened Rabbit:

Saturday, October 18
Music Hall Of Williamsburg
The Spinto Band
Frightened Rabbit
The Sw!ms

advance tickets:

And… here’s a dumb note: any poker players out there? i’m reviving my old home game, and looking for a few new folks. mostly $2/$4 limit rotation, but maybe a little $.50/$1.00 PL omaha, or NL, too. Drop me a line if you are interested in more information!