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Monthly Archives: April 2009

the “not fooling myself” playlist

And this is the playlist that’s a lot more where my head is at the moment. This is the foil to the “not fooling anybody” playlist. NP: “Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” – Loudon Wainwright III. “When I see you again expect some champagne wine, and on Valentine’s Day expect a Valentine”. NP: “Nothing’s […]

the “not fooling anybody” playlist

big honking playlist of lots of stuff from the last couple of months… let’s just get straight into it. NP: “Let It Go” – The Asteroid No. 4. Shimmering pop song. Think The La’s, Ride, The Church, Trashcan Sinatras… Amazing. NP: The New Kid Revival – Her Space Holiday. Another amazing pop song. Been listening […]