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the “not fooling anybody” playlist

big honking playlist of lots of stuff from the last couple of months… let’s just get straight into it.

NP: “Let It Go”The Asteroid No. 4. Shimmering pop song. Think The La’s, Ride, The Church, Trashcan Sinatras… Amazing.
NP: The New Kid RevivalHer Space Holiday. Another amazing pop song. Been listening to it for months, and as soon as i hit send I’ll realize who his voice reminds me of.
NP: “The Rat”Dead Confederate. One of two songs with the lyric “bang bang” in this playlist. What are the odds? You’d think this song should be more sinister, or more moody, or more rocking… but it treads a fine line, and it’s pretty great.
NP: “Right Hand on My Heart”The Whigs. I still don’t like this band. But this song has grown on me in a middle-of-the-road My Morning Jacket kinda way.
NP: “Oh My God”Ida Maria. I was kinda trying to get Frightened Rabbit to cover this.
NP: “Tone Poem”Rings. Hypnotic and mindbending… and actually pretty good, too.
NP: “El Vestido”Juana Molina. I still love the older records more, but… this new Juana Molina record is a really enjoyable listen.
NP: “Short Films”Spangle Call Lilli Line. Pretty pretty PRETTY song. I kinda wish it didn’t have the violin in it though.
NP: “Cooling The Medium”Martha + The Muffins. Just bought this record on vinyl for the hell of it. Not really very good, but the chorus of this is nice.
NP: “The Airport Line”The Week That Was. Love this. Really timeless and awesome.
NP: “Hallie And Henry”Say Hi. Another album full of great pop songs… it’s hard to keep up. This is my favorite off the (now truncated) new Say Hi album.
NP: “Pull The Wool”Right On Dynamite. More great pop. You want these guys playing your birthday party.
NP: “Tell Me When You’re Ready”The 1990s. I was hoping this record would be better. It has a few moments, though.
NP: “Miles Davis & The Cool”The Gaslight Anthem. Believe the hype, at least about this song by these guys.
NP: “Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown”Japandroids. Stealing bits from late 80’s Dischord, early 90’s Sub Pop, and the current fuzzy LA all ages scene, Japandroids are a 2-piece from Vancouver who are making some serious noise. This is an older song, but there’s a new album coming out shortly.
NP: “Buy Your Own Fries”Barack Obama. Stupid and ironic, it’s still kinda funny that this exists.
NP: “Whole G”Phleg Camp. Classic Montreal emo. (a sentence that’s never been written before? possbly.)
NP: “Rone”Callers. Pretty and timeless. Almost seems like it should be in a David Lynch movie, but I don’t really know why i’m saying that.
NP: “To The Ghosts Who Write History Books”The Low Anthem. A somber little shuffle.
NP: “(Don’t You Believe The Words Of) Handsome Men”Rock Plaza Central. The first single from the new record coming out at the end of May.
NP: “Sundown”Gordon Lightfoot. Chris Eaton steals that line from this song, so I figured what the hell. It’s a better song than i remembered it being..
NP: “Frankie’s Gun!”The Felice Brothers. Possibly the best song I’ve heard in a year.
NP: “Back Door Man”John Hammond. This has to be the definitive take on this song. At least to my ears.
NP: “Rhode Island Is Famous For You”Blossom Dearie. What a cute song. Sad that we lost Blossom this year.
NP: “Color Spills In”Honey Clouds. Pastels meets Sone? I don’t know anything about these people but they’ve written at least one great song.
NP: “Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans)”Parenthetical Girls. Stumbled upon their set at SXSW, and they closed with a really inspired cover of this enigmatic OMD song. This version isn’t as visceral, but still: nicely done.
NP: “Heavy Eyes”The Depreciation Guild. Moody and shimmering and damn-near perfect..
NP: “The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart”The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. The closing song on their debut EP, and my favorite song in their live set.
NP: “30_milkshakes__2009_04_09.m3u”stream all of the above songs.
NP: “30_milkshakes__2009_04_09.rar”rar file of all of the above songs.
NR: “The Sound And The Fury” by Faulkner, David Foster Wallace excerpt of an unfinished work in The New Yorker.

Some musical updates… how about that?

A couple of nice things that happened during the last two Frightened Rabbit tours have made it to the light of day in the past couple of weeks.

They did really nice sessions with Sound Opinions and World Cafe. Check them out here:
Sound Opinions
World Cafe

Last fall we filmed our performance on Josh Schwartz’s new web-only TV show “Rockville, CA”. Our episode (#13) airs in 2 weeks (April 21st), so I wanted to send this now to give you enough time to, like, get caught up on the really tricky and confusing story line:
Rockville, CA

And then just last week they were featured on a pretty cool new service called Spooonful. Spooonful’s thing is that they pick one good solid awesome artist, give you a decent amount of vital information, and they tell you about it once a week in a simple easy fashion. It’s kinda refreshing. And… i say this with no irony whatsoever: it’s the perfect thing to get your parents or older brother to subscribe to. You know, those people that say to you every holiday “I don’t know how you do it… i just don’t have time to pay attention to new music anymore.”

The newest 30 Milkshakes band is LA’s Fol Chen. Have been fans for a long time, and we’re excited to be officially working with them. They just had a really nice piece on NPR’s “Fresh Air” program:
Fresh Air

They’re also getting played everywhere from BBC Radio 1 to KCRW. They’ll be playing a week of dates in London in June, and then look for them on tour in the USA all summer hopefully!

And then there’s Rock Plaza Central. The long-awaited follow-up to “are we not horses” is finished, in the bag, and coming out May 26th in Canada and June 16th in the USA via Paper Bag Records. It’s titled (are you ready for this?) “…at the Moment of our Most Needing, or If Only They Could Turn Around, They Would Know They Weren’t Alone”. And, honestly… it’s a masterpiece. I couldn’t be happier with what they’ve accomplished.

Just for you dear readers, here’s a special link with three songs (streaming) from the album:
Rock Plaza Central album sampler

Magnet did a little preview piece last month here:

And here’s a just-shot blogotheque-style version of another song off the new album:
“Them That Are Good, And Them That Are Bad”

Hey… announcement: looking to sublet 1BR apartment at 2nd and 9th from April 14 through May 15, or possibly longer for the right situation. please email me if you are interested, or feel free to forward along. here’s the craiglist posting:

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