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the first playlist of 2010…

NP: “The Man Who Called Himself Jesus”Strawbs. Reine from Dungen didn’t necessarily get me hooked on Strawbs, but they came up enough in conversation that i felt that IT WAS TIME to delve into the Strawbs discography. Well, one Great Lake Swimmers tour, and a lot of competitive record shopping, later, and… well… i’ve got the complete works on vinyl. This is the first song on the first album, and still one of their best.
NP: “Too Much Of Nothing”Fotheringay. Can’t fall into the world of Strawbs and Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny without grabbing the first Fotheringay record. After seeking a copy for under $20 for six months, i finally found a copy in Central Pennsylvania. For 20 cents.
NP: “Something Higher”Ela Orleans. The only song on .mp3 i can find from a NYC gal that apparently just put out a debut album on LP only. i need to score a copy somewhere, as this track is totally captivating.
NP: “Predictions”Dragging An Ox Through Water. My friend Amy dragged (sorry) me across the street from the Dungen show in Portland to see her friend play. He plays under the name of Dragging An Ox Through Water, and damned if it wasn’t one of the most challenging and mind-blowing things i saw all year. It was even better than the 2 Voodoo Donuts i had that night, and, if you know me at all, you’ll know that that’s saying a lot.
NP: “Cakewalking”Young Marble Giants. Nothing i really need to say about YMG you don’t already know.
NP: “Love Gets Dangerous (alt version)”Billy Bragg. Except maybe… was the young Billy Bragg perhaps listening to some Young Marble Giants? I never made the (possible) connection until just recently.
NP: “Listen”Chicago Transit Authority. I’ve been doing a lot of record shopping over the last couple of months. Finally got myself a nice clean copy of the first Chicago Transit Authority record. And then a second. And then a third. I think perhaps i have four copies now? oops.
NP: “Unconventional State Line”Japan. Holy shit. why didn’t anybody ever tell me how awesome the first Japan record was? Damn.
NP: “Peace By Peace”Crabby Appleton. I need to go back to Tom’s Records in Red Lion, PA and pick up the nice copy of this record he has there for $3 or $4. Really shouldn’t have put that back at that price. Dumb.
NP: “Dark In My Heart”Lee Hazlewood. Been listening to a lot of Lee lately, too. There’s a certain cleansing effect that Lee has… i just can’t put my finger on it. i can’t “always” listen to Lee in the same way that i can “always” listen to Kris Kristofferson, but… they do strike me in very proximal lobes of the brain.
NP: “Come As You Are”Caetano Veloso. I had no idea that this even existed until it came on shuffle the other day. Not sure exactly where it falls on the kitsch / enlightened-reading scale, but… i like it at face value no matter what.
NP: “Dumb Drums”Thee Oh Sees. Hey! The 4th song that’s actually not over 20 years old. Yay!
NP: “Woke Up New”The Mountain Goats. I’ve been wanting to play this for my Dad, but… I think it’s just too sad to do so. So I’ll just keep thinking it.
NP: “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You”Cher. Listening to a lot of Cher albums came first, THEN watching “Moonstruck” came second.
NP: “Somebody to Say Bye Bye To”Michael Hurley. Well, damn, sister. It’s Michael Hurley. Never need a reason to listen to Michael Hurley.
NP: “Mama You Been On My Mind”Bob Dylan. Took turns playing songs to break your heart one very late night on the Great Lake Swimmers tour. There were lots of good picks, and a couple of doozies… but Bret dropped this one at just the right time, and, well… contest over.
NP: “Lullabye”Emitt Rhodes. Emitt has the uncanny ability to sometimes sounds like Lennon, sometimes to sound like McCartney, and sometimes to do it both at the same time (or even alternately within the same song). Been listening to some smooth AM gold kinda stuff lately, and Emitt’s really knocking it out of the fuzzy warm little park sometimes. Like… he would never hit one out at the old Polo Grounds, but put him in the old Tiger Stadium and he’d find a way to hit 33 in a year and make a couple of All Star teams.

NP: “ITUNES_STREAM”ITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “WINAMP_STREAM”WINAMP (and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and REALPLAYER) USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “PODCAST”PODCAST of all of the above songs.
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs.

NR: Halfway through “At Swim-Two-Birds” by Flann O’Brien, started “Posthumous Papers of a Living Author” by Robert Musil, and in the middle of the last five New Yorker’s, Atlantic Monthly’s, and Harper’s.

NW: Went to go see “Make-Out With Violence” at the 92Y in Tribeca theatres (it was highly enjoyable). Finally watched “The Foot Fist Way” that i downloaded forever ago. Just watched S03E07 of “Gossip Girl”, so still five episodes behind, and i finally finished all six episodes of “Snuff Box.” As mentioned above, “Moonstruck.” Oh, and… up to S02E06 of the re-watching of “Twin Peaks.”

A note about the FIVE options you have now for listening to the playlist:

1) you can download each song individually. or just the songs you want to download, of course. each song is as high of bitrate as i have, and all of the ID3 tags should be correct. just right-click or whatever you normally do to download an .mp3, and then drag into whatever player you use. or you can probably just click on it and it will stream to whatever player you use. hell… it’s 2010. i’m not going to tell you how to play a damn .mp3.

2) if you want to stream the entire playlist, you have two options. if you use Winamp (the far superior option for easily listening to .mp3s, in my opinion), Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer, just hit the “WINAMP_STREAM” link.

3) NEW option! iTunes users that want to stream the playlist, just click on the “ITUNES_STREAM” link, and it should work.

4) NEW option! for those of you that prefer/enjoy the podcast, i’ve joined the entire playlist together into one long .mp3. it’s a 160k CBR .mp3, so a bit lower-res than some of the original files, but… very convenient if you want to listen on the go without doing a lot of extra steps. just download, drag, and drop. the track listing is contained both in the comments field (will work in Winamp, but not in iTunes) and the lyrics field (will work in iTunes, but not in Winamp). it’s not truly a podcast at this point, but i’ll work to see if i can make this compatible with RSS-feeds and auto-subscription kinda things in the future… but the first step is out of the way.

5) the .rar file of all the songs in the playlist, including a playlist file. you should just have to download the .rar, unpack it, and then click on the .m3u file contained within, and it should play the entire list in whatever player you have set as default. for those of you that are, ahem, accustomed to downloading music from the internet, this may well be the easiest option.

and, well… shit. not much to say, otherwise. been drinking a lot of whisky, playing some basketball, doing a lot of record shopping, doing a lot of thrift shopping, and playing some poker. if ya got a poker game or a pick-up hoops game that needs a player, let me know!

and… most importantly… let me know what you think of the playlist, and let me know if there’s something i need to hear! i’m in the mood for some new stuff, both personally and professionally, so… hit me up with some links to some new music (and, if it’s something that you are working with / involved with, please let me know if it’s potentially “for public consumption”, ie. for possible consideration for a future playlist like this one.).


i know i say it all the time, but… look for another playlist soon. please hit me via email at if you’d like on the mailing list for when there’s a new post (or… configure your RSS-reader… this blog should be compatible, but i don’t use the things myself) or check my out on facebook/twitter (barf), where i will be including these updates, too.