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must be in a good place now…

NP: “Isadora Duncan”Vic Chesnutt. His is a loss that we will feel on some cellular level for quite some time. Vic is almost the pornographer of the indie rock world: you didn’t always like it, but on some level you were also glad to know that he existed. That he could get under your skin and be a difficult performer, that he was wildly inconsistent and restless and manic, that was entirely UNLOVABLE on occasion… well, damn. He’s Vic Chesnutt, and he will be missed.
NP: “Exuma, The Obeah Man”Exuma. Grace turned me on to Exuma this summer. This guy was (is?) WAY crazier than Vic Chesnutt.
NP: “Bo Diddley”Bob Seger. The post-show van ride music-of-choice of the last Dungen tour.
NP: “Make Some Use Of Your Friends”It’s All Meat. Canadian band from 1969-70. Highly collectible LP… pretty solid post-MC5, pre-New York Dolls garage-y stuff that kinda reminds me a bit of Hampton Grease Band, too. I just did a little research and found that the song i picked seems to be the unanimous decision for the “best song on the record.” Shit. That makes me feel boring and predictable.
NP: “Little Bit Of Sympathy”Robin Trower. James turned me on to this record last summer. Very enjoyable listen… going outside the comfort zone every now and then is alright.
NP: “I Want You To Know”Dinosaur Jr.. As good as any song they ever released in the original incarnation. Really.
NP: “Siberia”Twin Stumps. Also going a bit outside the comfort zone… this is nice (ie. not nice) new noisy stuff. Bandmember Mike Yaniro was the victim of a vicious mugging in Ridgewood a couple of months ago and is tons of debt from medical bills. So… maybe make this one record you choose to not download illegally? Go here for more information.
NP: “Generator ^ First Floor”Freelance Whales. Also from Queens, apparently… but not sounding anything like Twin Stumps. Newly released on Frenchkiss.
NP: “The Münchhausen In Me”Northern Portrait. Don’t know where i got this or who i got it from or when. But i do know it sounds kinda like The Lucksmiths, and that’s alright by me.
NP: “Maybe Pile”Summer Cats. Not the best song in the world, but… i’ve been doing a lot of record shopping lately, so the concept of “the maybe pile” makes a lot of sense to me right now.
NP: “Too Tired To Shine II”The American Analog Set. Toured with The Wooden Birds in the fall… made me go back and listen to those old American Analog Set records.
NP: “Valentine”Small Factory. A small demureness to Valentine’s Day… really i just wanted to hear the damn song. What an album.
NP: “I Must Be In A Good Place Now”Vetiver. Very pleasantly surprised at how good i thought Vetiver were a couple of weeks ago in Philadelphia. Really… i guess i just hadn’t paid attention to them in years, and probably hadn’t seen them live in 5 years. i really enjoyed their set. which may make it mean that i chose to put one of their covers on the playlist instead of an original. But it’s a lovely song, and made for proper lead-in to the final track of the playlist which follows.
NP: “Sponge”Vic Chesnutt. “Throughout this entire ugly outing / I’ve been mumbling the convex of what I should be shouting / But I’ll soon be silent you’ll soon hear nothing.” I hope Vic is in a good place now.
NP: “ITUNES_STREAM”ITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “WINAMP_STREAM”WINAMP (and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and REALPLAYER) USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “PODCAST”PODCAST of all of the above songs.
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs.

NR: Jaron Lanier, from “You Are Not A Gadget.” Excerpted in Harper’s last month here. (you may need to be a Harper’s subscriber to view that link… if it doesn’t work, email me and i’ll send you the .pdf.

NW: Not really anything at all. Sorta some speed skating at the olympics, but not really?

I’ll reprint the note about the FIVE options you have now for listening to the playlist:

1) you can download each song individually. or just the songs you want to download, of course. each song is as high of bitrate as i have, and all of the ID3 tags should be correct. just right-click or whatever you normally do to download an .mp3, and then drag into whatever player you use. or you can probably just click on it and it will stream to whatever player you use. hell… it’s 2010. i’m not going to tell you how to play a damn .mp3.

2) if you want to stream the entire playlist, you have two options. if you use Winamp (the far superior option for easily listening to .mp3s, in my opinion), Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer, just hit the “WINAMP_STREAM” link.

3) NEW option! iTunes users that want to stream the playlist, just click on the “ITUNES_STREAM” link, and it should work.

4) NEW option! for those of you that prefer/enjoy the podcast, i’ve joined the entire playlist together into one long .mp3. it’s a 192k CBR .mp3 (i upped it from the 160k rate i used for last week), so a bit lower-res than some of the original files, but… very convenient if you want to listen on the go without doing a lot of extra steps. just download, drag, and drop. the track listing is contained both in the comments field (will work in Winamp, but not in iTunes) and the lyrics field (will work in iTunes, but not in Winamp). it’s not truly a podcast at this point, but i’ll work to see if i can make this compatible with RSS-feeds and auto-subscription kinda things in the future… but the first step is out of the way.

5) the .rar file of all the songs in the playlist, including a playlist file. you should just have to download the .rar, unpack it, and then click on the .m3u file contained within, and it should play the entire list in whatever player you have set as default. for those of you that are, ahem, accustomed to downloading music from the internet, this may well be the easiest option.

please hit me via email at if you’d like on the mailing list for when there’s a new post (or… configure your RSS-reader… this blog should be compatible, but i don’t use the things myself) or check me out on facebook / twitter (barf), where i will be including these updates, too.