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croissant rock for beardos…

I was recently commissioned to do a two-hour playlist for a company who was holding a seminar / meet-and-greet in their offices, and it was about the “local” side of the “global/local” theme. So… they wanted some local and fresh music that was also a bit background-y. Consequently, this ended up being a bit of a “stuff white people like” playlist, completely ignoring hip hop, metal, noise, avant garde, etc. It’s also heavy on the easy listening of our current generation, a genre i call “croissant rock”. Fleet Foxes, Beach House, A Band Of Horse, Sigur Ros, etc. Anyway… no individual downloads (or descriptions) for this one… just a reasonably nice two-hour jaunt of mostly new local stuff for your enjoyment. Perhaps give a listen while reading a book at the beach, or while hosting a margarita-and-quacamole party? (feel free to invite!)

(NOTE – a few songs have been trimmed of their long noisy and/or buzzy intros or outros to make the flow between songs more immediate. Any songs that were edited in some way have been labelled as, wait for it… “[edit]”.)

NP: “Generator ^ First Floor”Freelance Whales.
NP: “Shared Islands”High Places.
NP: “Love Comes Close”Cold Cave.
NP: “Animal Tracks”Alex Bleeker And The Freaks.
NP: “Richard II [edit]”Titus Andronicus.
NP: “The Dazzled”Crystal Stilts.
NP: “Something Higher”Ela Orleans.
NP: “Green River”Real Estate.
NP: “Mixed Drinks”Eamonn Vitt.
NP: “Tellings”Ida.
NP: “Rill Rill”Sleigh Bells.
NP: “The River”Oneida.
NP: “Sara Lisa”Bronze.
NP: “Let’s Go Surfing”The Drums.
NP: “Young Love Delivers”Oxford Collapse.
NP: “Don’t Know Why (You Stay)”The Essex Green.
NP: “Meadowport Arch”The Ladybug Transistor.
NP: “What Would Wolves Do?”Les Savy Fav.
NP: “(I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks Off”Blonde Redhead.
NP: “Blood Dries Darker”Woods.
NP: “Two [edit]”The Antlers.
NP: “This Love is Fucking Right! [edit]”The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.
NP: “Happy Kid [edit]”Nada Surf.
NP: “I’m Going Away”The Fiery Furnaces.
NP: “Back Before We Were Brittle”Say Hi.
NP: “Static On The Wire”Holy Ghost!.
NP: “Don’t Really Know Me”Snowden.
NP: “Heavy Eyes”The Depreciation Guild.
NP: “Tone Poem”Rings.
NP: “Love More”Sharon Van Etten.
NP: “I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy”Antony & The Johnsons.
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs. [169.5 MB, 122:58 minutes]

NR: “A Man Without a Country”Kurt Vonnegut. Bought this forever ago, and finally read it. Completely funny in a totally this-really-isn’t-funny kinda way.
NR: “Too Much Happiness”Alice Munro. Also finally reading Alice’s most recent collection. I knew three of the stories from versions in The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, or Harper’s, but… once again, Alice Munro knocks it out of the park. Our greatest living fiction writer.
NR: “The Inactivist”Chris Eaton. David Foster Wallace meets Mad Men? With a little something more… real? human? Can’t believe I waited this long to read it. Perhaps order directly from “Insomniac Press” and support our indie publishers?
NR: “The Enemy Within”Mark Bowden. Pretty fascinating, if a bit showy, article about the Conficker computer worm, and the cat-and-mouse game between its programmers and those trying to kill it.

NW: M*A*S*H re-runs on Hallmark Channel and TVLand, and the occasional Monty Python’s Flying Circus on IFC. DVR is good for something!

Any good shows in the next 12 days? I’m in NYC until early August, and would love some recommendations!

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