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touch me like you know me

NP: “You’ll Cry When I Die”A House. I don’t like these things to have any sorta theme… I think it’s gimmicky and restrictive. But, still… every couple of months, I end up with a small pile of ignored tracks that just didn’t fit in other lists for whatever reason or I thought I wanted to add and then I got cold feet. So, anyway… this week there is a bit of “the island of misfit toys” theme. Starting off with one of those early 90’s college rock bands I still have a spot in my heart for: A House. I alphabetize them under “A”… what about you?
NP: “Wild Weekend”Bill Anderson. Brought to you by, The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children & Families.
NP: “Amorous Gasman”Chorchazade. Apparently the record this is from was never actually released? I end up at two blogs consistently while doing searches for either a) records that I have on vinyl, but don’t have the .mp3s of or b) records that i’ve only heard about but never seen: Mutant Sounds and Wilfully Obscure. Chorchazade is a Mutant Sounds find, and while I’m not as enamored of the stuff as they are, there is something fascinating and strange about this band. Worth the bandwidth.
NP: “Cowboy Movie”David Crosby. If you’re going to commit to Graham Nash’s “Songs For Beginners” (as I have), you also have to commit to David Crosby’s “If I Could Only Remember My Name.” And I have. Absolutely essential $3 LP for sitting around the house and having a drink. Or driving. Good for driving, too!
NP: “Barrel Vault”Dead Low Tide. Holy shit I wanted to put out the Dead Low Tide album on Self-Starter based on the strength of this demo. And then TigerStyle got it, and I was sad. And then they made a not-so-essential album and broke up before it even came out, so I wasn’t so sad anymore. But… turn this one up loud the next time you need to get fired up for a big test or something.
NP: “CH.O.B”Duchess Says. I need to listen to more Québécois keyboard punk. So should you.
NP: “Stranger”Figurine. I don’t even really like this that much, but it reminds me of Lali Puna’s Human League cover a bit, and gets slightly stuck in my head.
NP: “Five Four Child Voice”Fridge. It starts out sounding like a nice Secret Stars song, then shifts to a pleasant-enough shuffle for a while. It works.
NP: “Stay In The Car”Girls Against Boys. Not the best early GvsB song (that would be “Taste All The Fruit”), but… there’s still something about this one that works. What the hell they were thinking in 1989 I’ll never know. Pailhead, perhaps?
NP: “Virgin Mountain”Loch Lomond. “Pleasant-enough” comes to mind again. I always preferred Rock Plaza Central to Loch Lomond, but, obviously, the world didn’t agree with me.
NP: “Munayé”Mulatu Astatqé. From Ethiopiques #4 (probably my second favorite of the series, behind only #21 “Emahoy” by Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou… which is actually all solo piano and the least Ethiopique-esque release of the staggeringly good series), it’s just hard to find a good place for a song like this outside of some sort of jazz or funk themed list. So… i’ve just slapped it right here in the middle of this bad boy.
NP: “Ambulance Blues”Neil Young. Finally got a nice copy of this vinyl this year… Tom’s Records in Red Lion, PA. Always wanted a copy… listen to it on vinyl, it really does beat the hell out of this .mp3.
NP: “Freaks”Soul Asylum. Violent Soho were absolutely stunned to learn that not only were Soul Asylum a respectable band at one point, but absolutely one of the best live bands in the world. I guess I can’t blame them… They were 7-9 years old when “Grave Dancers Union” came out. Which means they were 0-2 when this song was written.
NP: “Waving At You”The Mountain Goats. I’ve tried to take a step back from The Mountain Goats this year. Like, a conscious decision to listen to less John Darnielle. Nothing personal… it’s just become really hard to a) keep the flame burning so bright 16 years after the obsession began and b) to share that obsession with a bunch of fucking assholes. But damn if this song doesn’t kick me where it counts.
NP: “Waving At You (Live)”The Mountain Goats. And I have to include this to make you noobs understand what a Mountain Goats show in 1996 was all about. This is from the handheld tape recorder of either Andy or Brian at a show that had about 60 people in attendance, most of which were talking, as you can hear. Crushing version. Crushing.
NP: “ITUNES_STREAM”ITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “WINAMP_STREAM”WINAMP (and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and REALPLAYER) USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “PODCAST”PODCAST of all of the above songs. [73.5 MB, 64:11 minutes]
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs. [87.6 MB]

NR: nothing all weekend. lazy motherfucker.

NW: NFL – Dolphins vs. Jets, Steelers vs. Bengals. Nothing special.
NW: West Wing – season 6, episodes 08-10.

NE: Bacon cheeseburger and fries at Waverly Restaurant.
NE: Still lots of Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn.

ND: 24 oz. cans of Budweiser.
ND: Sazarac cocktails with house rye (probably Old Overholt) at Little Branch.

alternate titles for this posting were:

hungry kisses for greedy lips
there’s room at the top for private detection
that’s a signal from young Billy, who’s our sentry
listen you can tell your lawyer that he can go to hell
it’s your birthday tonight and i went to buy something but i caught myself in time


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