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Monthly Archives: February 2011

it can never grow another son like the one who warmed me my days after rain and warmed my breath, my life’s blood…

NP: “Do Whatever Sets You Free” – Ramsey Lewis. So, last week’s playlist was a semi-girlie affair… this week’s is the semi-boyish foil… Originally conceived as a collection of vinyl purchased over the last few months, there are a couple of exceptions… and I lead off with one of them. I don’t actually own this […]

what brings out the beast in men?

NP: “Data 70″ – Christmas Decorations. Found the vinyl of this, the first Christmas Decorations record on Kranky, at Other Music a couple of weeks ago, and it’s become the default go-to for the last month or so. So good. NP: “Corporeal” – Broadcast. This week’s playlist was originally going to be used as one […]

i stood in the corner and watched you for almost two hours

NP: “Catch The Beat” – Planning By Numbers. I had never heard (or even heard of) this early pop record on Beggars Banquet until i bought it a couple of weeks ago for $4 based entirely on the packaging and the fact that it was an early Beggars thing that I had never heard of. […]

i was out late the other night; fear and whiskey kept me going.

NP: “Hey King” – US Maple. Been listening to a lot of jazz and Captain Beefheart lately, and it made me go back to this US Maple record. I guess I’m just pre-programmed to like jazz and Beefheart and such, because this record fits right into that tradition, but fuck if i new that in […]