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what brings out the beast in men?

NP: “Data 70″Christmas Decorations. Found the vinyl of this, the first Christmas Decorations record on Kranky, at Other Music a couple of weeks ago, and it’s become the default go-to for the last month or so. So good.
NP: “Corporeal”Broadcast. This week’s playlist was originally going to be used as one half of two playlists for a different project that Denise and I are working on, but we came to the conclusion (spoiler alert!) that this playlist was too girlie and boring (and the other playlist was boyish and rocking and fun in comparison). So, we’re starting over with that project, but I’m still going to present this one to ya’ll… I still like it, it just didn’t fit our needs at the time. Anyway… we both wanted to include some Broadcast after hearing of the unfortunate passing of Trish Keenan. RIP.
NP: “True Romance At The World’s Fair”Algebra Suicide. One of the record stores i was in recently had a copy of the first Algebra Suicide record for $30… a record that I bought shortly after it came it in the dollar bin at Play It Again Records in Bethlehem. Made me go back and listen to it again for the first time in, oh, 20 years?
NP: “Mountain Wine”Badgerlore. A Denise selection. So girlie and boring! (i kid, i kid…). Lovely track.
NP: “(From The) Morning Glories”The Trypes. This was a very exciting purchase… the one and only Trypes 12″. The Trypes were a short-lived seven-piece band featuring John Baumgartner, Marc Francia, Toni Paruta, Brenda Sauter, Glenn Mercer, Stan Demeski, and Bill Million. Those last four make up 4/5ths of the late-80’s incarnation of The Feelies (minus only Dave Weckerman) [and, well… those same five make up the 2011 Feelies line-up, too!]. The Feelies were on hiatus at the time… eventually they re-formed and the remaining members of The Trypes formed Speed The Plough (with legendary critic Jim DeRogatis on drums!). Anyway, The Trypes 12″ isn’t what you might expect (except for The Beatles cover)… It’s definitely a more sublime take on things. And a really worthwhile listen.
NP: “Reading Stones”Ela Orleans. We still go back and listen to that Ela Orleans record all the time.
NP: “Suis-Je Normale”Nini Raviolette. You may have to check out the video for this one to really get the full effect.
NP: “Slug Bait (Live In Southampton)”Throbbing Gristle. Record Surplus in LA yielded a copy of The Second Annual Report of Throbbing Gristle in Denise’s hands. Not the best copy in the world, but… any copy is a good copy!
NP: “Gluttony”The Bags. From The Decline of Western Civilization soundtrack. So girlie and boring!
NP: “Cold Cold Heart”Americans In France. This one’s been around for a while… so long that you start to take it for granted. So, we’ve rectified the situation by including a song now, finally.
NP: “On My Own”Quix*o*tic. Now this one’s a little strange, but I decided to keep it on here… This song was selected long before we heard about the recent passing of former Quix*o*tic bassist Brendan Majewski. RIP.
NP: “Composure”Warpaint. One of my favorite new bands of the last five years… if not THE favorite new band of the last five years… Unfortunately, their music works best in the live and/or album format, and cropping one song out of an album to plunk it down in the middle of a bunch other songs…

well, it doesn’t play to their strong suits. Still… a hell of a song. Just do me a favor and go and buy the whole album or see ‘em live sometime, OK?
NP: “By Myself”Shirley Scott. I’ve scored two good old Shirley Scott records for $3 and $0.50 over the last year. This song isn’t from either of those: strangely, most of her work on Impulse is not to be found in any format, free or to purchase, anywhere on the internet! Some of the sessions have been re-packaged as Stanley Turrentine releases, but… it’s really bizarre how entire albums of the legendary Impulse discography are just not to be had.
NP: “Universal Consciousness”Alice Coltrane. Made a conscious effort to buy some Alice Coltrane records, and then the next 2 stores I walked into had nice copies of classic records for $10 or $15. Sold. Awesome.
NP: “Atlantic City”Real Estate. An interlude… like a little between-courses course to cleanse the palette. Not implying that Real Estate are in any way insignificant… I’m just happening to use them in a transitory way here.
NP: “Too Little, Too Late”The Dream Syndicate. Denise found the original Ruby pressing of this for $8 at Academy. A very good choice. It’s just one of those perfect documents: it feels good to hold it in your hand, to look at it, to listen to it, to *think* about it… It’s been essential listening all winter. But, of course… we choose the girlie and boring song. Oh, well.
NP: “ITUNES_STREAM”ITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “WINAMP_STREAM”WINAMP (and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and REALPLAYER) USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “PODCAST”PODCAST of all of the above songs. [69.9 MB, 64:05 minutes]
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs. [102.0 MB]

NR: Nothing! Been too busy!.

NW: Nothing!

NE: Pizza at Stromboli! Back in the East Village!

ND: Modelo Especial cans at home.
ND: Asahi bottles at Decibel.
ND: Half a glass of Dobra Zemlja 2004 Zinfandel. My last bottle of a case i bought a couple of years ago, and it was fucking corked. Ugh.


special announcement! i’m back on the DJ wagon, at least for the month!

every Wednesday in February i will be DJing happy hour at Lit, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. I will be spinning exclusively from vinyl 7″‘s released between 1985 and 1999.

For the third week, this Wednesday, February 16th, i will play only records by artist names starting with the letters N-S. Of course, this is based on my alphabetizing schema, not yours, so it’s possible that we might disagree about some arbitrary filing decision i’ve made (but i’ll be right). just in the interest of full disclosure, of course.

So, we’re talking about New Bad Things, The Oranges Band, Phleg Camp, Quicksand, Radiolaria, The Spinanes, etc. if you know me, you know what i like, so… come on out if you want to have a beer and hear some grandfatherly indie rock and emo singles. And still get home by your bedtime.

With your bartender Donovan and your owner Erik!

Here’s the Facebook Event Page.

Lit Lounge
93 2nd Ave.
New York, NY

I really hope you can come out and have a beer!


please hit me via email at if you’d like on the mailing list for when there’s a new post (or… configure your RSS-reader… this blog should be compatible, but i don’t use the things myself) or check me out on facebook / twitter (barf), where i will be including these updates, too.