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it can never grow another son like the one who warmed me my days after rain and warmed my breath, my life’s blood…

NP: “Do Whatever Sets You Free”Ramsey Lewis. So, last week’s playlist was a semi-girlie affair… this week’s is the semi-boyish foil… Originally conceived as a collection of vinyl purchased over the last few months, there are a couple of exceptions… and I lead off with one of them. I don’t actually own this fun and funky Ramsey Lewis live album on vinyl yet, but there’s an auction ending on ebay tomorrow and I’d appreciate it if you don’t try to outbid me.
NP: “Veteran’s Day Poppy”Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band. Have been in a big Beefheart phase, and then word came of Don Van Vliet’s sad passing… There’s a lot of Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band material out there (and a lot of confusion as to whether it’s an “And” or an “&”… even on their own covers), but it’s really worth it to try to dive in anyway. Some records are better than others, sure, but… just pick one and give it a listen. It’s that simple. RIP.
NP: “Salat Anbi”Maleem Abdellah Ghania with Pharoah Sanders. Another non-LP track… 2 out of 3 already against the grain! But… I’m definitely 3-for-3 on the “boy playlist” goal, that’s for sure. There are some much-more difficult tracks on “The Trance of Seven Colors” record than this one, but I highly recommend it. I believe it’s CD and .mp3 only.
NP: “Montana Train”Paz Lenchantin. Paz from The Entrance Band’s solo album is so gorgeous that there aren’t really words for it.
NP: “Craigie Hill”Dick Gaughan. Reine from Dungen got the Dick Gaughan “Handful Of Earth” LP for $6 or $8 in Burlington. I had never heard it, but he played it for me when we got back to NYC, and it’s pretty great. So i started looking for a copy. I just didn’t expect to find it for 50 cents in the weird garage at the East Village flea market. I also didn’t expect it to have a $.99 pricetag on it from Academy! Such a weird score. Anyway… none of that helps to explain the sublime rural beauty and heartbreak of this record.
NP: “Highway Wolf”Dungen. It’s not often one gets a song named for them… But the new Dungen 7″ (on Jack White’s Third Man Records) has this live improv jam on the b-side, and they called it “Highway Wolf”, which is their nickname for me. Rad.
NP: “Song For An Uncertain Lady”Randy Burns. I bought this not knowing anything about it other than it had a cool cover and it was an old ESP record. For $15, that’s enough in my book. I’m really glad I did.
NP: “Requiem For John Hurt”John Fahey. Another find at Record Surplus in LA… Really pristine copy, still in shrink, of one of Fahey’s Vanguard records “Requia”, still with a Licorice Pizza pricetag on it. Feels like some sort of digger badge of honor, that pricetag.
NP: “Love Call”Ornette Coleman. Hot damn.
NP: “Final Countdown”Europe. Re-watched Arrested Development in a pretty-short 2 month frenzy this winter. Can’t get this song out of your head sometimes.
NP: “Horses”Bronze. First song from the self-released Bronze EP… Best new band in Brooklyn? Seems likely.
NP: “Here Come The Fleas”White Noise. The companion piece to that Broadcast song from last week’s girlie playlist… This is sometimes considered the first avant-garde synthesizer record, or punk rock electronic record, or whatever hyperbole you want to say about it. It’s from 1969, and, well… i picked the silliest track from the damn thing, so I probably should have represented this album’s complexity and beauty in a little better light. Oh, well… It made for a good playlist closer.
NP: “ITUNES_STREAM”ITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “WINAMP_STREAM”WINAMP (and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and REALPLAYER) USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “PODCAST”PODCAST of all of the above songs. [71.9 MB, 62:50 minutes]
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs. [114.0 MB]

NR: Finished “Arrowsmith” by Sinclair Lewis. And it was as beautiful and amazing as i thought (and feared) it would be. Best $8 i’ve spent in a long long time. Which also means it’s about time I’ve mentioned one of the shining stars of “the new East Village”: Mast Books, on Ave. A between 4th and 5th. Located where Etherea Records used to be, This guy (I don’t know him) has opened a really solid used bookstore the likes of which haven’t been seen in NYC for a long long time. Highly recommended… Makes living in Manhattan still worthwhile.

NW: Nothing! (Wish I had seen that Kansas vs. Kansas State game last week, tho!)

NE: Green salad with mustard vinaigrette topped with walnuts, steak entrée and steak frites at Le Relais de Venise. Ummm… it’s the only thing you CAN order at Le Relais de Venise. With Le Vacherin du Relais for dessert.
NE: 2 bratwursts with 3 kinds of mustard, sauerkraut, bread, and fries. With a pint of Franziskaner Hefeweizen. $17 plus tax and tip at Studio Square in Queens. Weird place… giant beer garden, actually pretty good food and reasonable prices, and about 20 beers on tap… but then it’s often populated by exactly the people you left behind in whatever dumb-fucking-suburban-mall-going-place you tried for years to escape, plus investment bankers! And, strangely, yesterday, there was also some sort of meeting or membership drive of some brooklyn biker gang? Huh.
NE: Fried short-rib pierogies with applesauce and sour cream at Veselka. They’ve been on the specials menu for a month… What the hell made me wait so long to try them? Wow.
NE: Mexican nachos with mixed beans at Paquito’s.

ND: Many Red Stripe and shots of Jameson outdoors at The Boxcar Lounge in the East Village. Remember that one day when it was like 60 degrees? That was great.
ND: Half a shot of Patron XO Cafe at Studio Square. 70 proof tequila coffee liqueur.


special announcement! i’m back on the DJ wagon, at least for the month!

Every Wednesday in February i have been DJing happy hour at Lit, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. I will again this week, as in previous weeks, be spinning exclusively from vinyl 7″‘s released between 1985 and 1999.

For the fourth week, this Wednesday, February 23rd, i will play only records by artist names starting with the letters T-Z. And I won’t lie to you… this is the narrowest band, in terms of sheer number of 7″‘s that I own, of the alphabet, so it could get interesting!

We’re talking about Teenage Fanclub, Unwound, Velocity Girl, The Wedding Present, Young Fresh Fellows, Zonic Shockum, etc. if you know me, you know what i like, so… come on out if you want to have a beer.

With your bartender Donovan and your owner Erik!

Here’s the Facebook Event Page.

Lit Lounge
93 2nd Ave.
New York, NY

I really hope you can make it!


please hit me via email at if you’d like on the mailing list for when there’s a new post (or… configure your RSS-reader… this blog should be compatible, but i don’t use the things myself) or check me out on facebook / twitter (barf), where i will be including these updates, too.