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and I can hardly see your face, it’s all covered with Noxema.

NP: “Lover Come Back To Me”Chet Atkins & Les Paul. Chester and Lester… You pretty much can’t go wrong. Don’t skip this one when you find it in the Goodwill LP bin, it’s worth all 50 pennies.
NP: “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs. 1968 Flatt & Scruggs album “Changin’ Times” has them taking on Pete Seeger, Bobbie Gentry, and Woodie Guthrie compositions, as well as five songs by Dylan. Not for the bluegrass purist, but I still find it an enjoyable listen.
NP: “Snake Drive”Tav Falco’s Panther Burns. Hard to pick just one Panther Burns song… It’s really such a diabolical mood thing. Grab an entire record and give it a listen (if you can get through it).
NP: “Germfree Adolescents”X-Ray Spex. This playlist was actually compiled in April, and then put in this sequence soon after that. In other words, before Poly Styrene’s passing. I thought about taking the song out, but it was meant to be here.
NP: “Bacteria”Archers of Loaf. One of my favorite Archers songs ever. There was actually a minute when I thought there was a chance to put this song out on Self-Starter, but it didn’t happen. Again… song was picked when AOL announced they were doing dates this summer. Couldn’t believe it when they actually played it at Music Hall Of Williamsburg.
NP: “Freight Train”Elizabeth Cotten. I heard an absolutely incredible ukelele version of this song sung by a woman whose name I never learned on tour a couple of years ago, and I still think of it sometimes. This original ain’t too bad, either.
NP: “Don’t Call Him A Cowboy”Conway Twitty. Good advice to all the ladies out there.
NP: “You Are in My Vision”Tubeway Army. Was this song in a car commercial or something recently? It just popped into my head one day, i guess for no reason.
NP: “Over the Edge”Dead Moon. I went through a real Dead Moon phase last winter… Listened to a bunch of records, over and over. And then never put anything on a playlist. It was time to fix that.
NP: “Motoroller Scalatron”Stereolab. Ditto with Stereolab. Anybody got a copy of Transient Random Noise Bursts on LP that you’re looking to get rid of? I got $25 for ya right over here.
NP: “Can You Believe It”Keith Cross & Peter Ross. The bonus track to the CD reissue of an impossible-to-find LP… Truthfully, there are better songs on the album, but this is the song I wanted to put on the playlist. I know somebody who says he wants one of songs from the album played at his funeral, and I assure you he’s serious.
NP: “We Can Swing Together”Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne was one of the bigger bands in the UK in the 70’s. History hasn’t treated them very well. They’re not amazing, but… They should at least be better known than they are.
NP: “Audrey”Mike Heron. Incredible String Band front man’s first solo album includes guests like John Cale, Ronnie Lane, Keith Moon, Richard Thompson, and Pete Townshend. Not too shabby. Doesn’t hurt that the album’s pretty damn great, too.
NP: “Thoughts Of You”Dennis Wilson. Pacific Ocean Blue. You either drink the Kool-Aid or you don’t. I have.
NP: “Early In The Mornin'”22 with Little Red, Tangle Eye, & Hard Hair. From the “Negro Prison Songs” LP… Alan Lomax recordings made in 1947 at the Mississippi State Penitentiary. All acapella and sorta uncredited (“Prisoner 22?”, “Hard Hair”, etc.), it’s a pretty amazing listen.
NP: “Sunday Noon”Mandrake Memorial. Weird Philly psych on Poppy from 1968/69. Seemed like as good of a last song as any.
NP: “ITUNES_STREAM”ITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “WINAMP_STREAM”WINAMP (and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and REALPLAYER) USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “PODCAST”PODCAST of all of the above songs. [72.0 MB, 62:54 minutes]
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs. [85.2 MB]

NR: Finished “Steppenwolf” by Hermann Hesse. I’m going through a big Modern Library reading (and buying) phase. How had i never read this before? So good.

NW: Baseball. Man, I don’t even know who I’m rooting for. Weird, weird baseball this year.

NE: Chihuahua dogs and tater tots from Crif Dogs.
NE: Fried chicken at The Redhead.
NE: General Tso’s Chicken from Hot Kitchen, new decent chinese place in the East Village.

ND: Centennial Rye, hand-smuggled from Canada. Maybe the best bottle of $25 whiskey I’ve ever had. Glad i bought five of them!
ND: Leftover cans of Tecate from a Peter Bjorn And John show in Toronto, I think? Sometime that feels like a lifetime ago.


Not much to say… Enjoy!


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