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it’s no river at all… it’s a tidal estuary.

NP: “Help”Sonny Okosuns. Nigerian High Life is often quite enjoyable, but there’s something especially, um, special about Sonny. With a healthy dose of Memphis soul and Jamaican reggae, he brings a bit of warmth to the genre that is sometimes lacking. Vinyl rip of this 1976 Nigerian gem… sadly, not from my own LP.
NP: “Hotel Alyssa-Soussie, Tunisia”Sabu Martinez. 1973’s Afro Temple is the record that’s going to change your mind about “latin jazz”.
NP: “The Deacon”Brute Force. Pretty slamming 1970 LP on Herbie Mann’s Embryo Records… featuring Sonny Sharrock on a bunch of tracks. Picked this up recently at Co-op 87, and couldn’t be happier about it.
NP: “Heaven Sent”M’Boom. This is a record i’m pretty sure I will never be lucky enough to own, but… I’ll keep looking. Check out the M’Boom performances on Soul! on PBS in 1971.
NP: “Loops and Sequences”American Contemporary Music Ensemble, Clarice Jensen & Timothy Andres. JOSEPH BYRD: NYC 1960-1963 is the first commercial recording of the concert music of composer Joseph Byrd. Joseph was also the founder of The United States Of America… I’m a huge fan of that LP which was released by Columbia in 1968… it’s one of my prized possessions in the stacks (thanks, Gimme Gimme… RIP NYC location… may you do well in LA!). ACME features the esteemed Clarice Jensen on cello. Highly recommended new release!
NP: “Don’t Ever Look Back”Autre Ne Veut. I missed the show last week, but I’ve been giving the record a few listens, before that Pitchfork Best New Music stamp came along, naturally.
NP: “Thin White Line”Avengers. A nice 7″ purchase from last year… Dug it out again recently.
NP: “Invention Is A National Treasure”Vitreous Humor. Delving back in time to the still-great Vitreous Humor.
NP: “Diet”Au Pairs. Denise grabbed a copy of this 7″ at The Record Grouch recently. Far better versions than the album takes of these tracks!
NP: “Caster of Worthless Spells”Parquet Courts. Parquet Courts are the only new band of the last two years that I’ve given even remotely a fuck about. Some of that is to do with the fact that I’ve listened to less new music in the last two years than since I was 14, for sure, but… A lot of that is to do with the fact that Parquet Courts are pretty damn great. This song isn’t remotely their best… it’s just the one I wanted to put on the playlist. Go see them.
NP: “Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun”Marion Brown. 1970 LP. I had an earlier Marion Brown record that I had really lusted after and thoroughly enjoyed, so when I found this LP in Denver this fall on tour for $10, I grabbed it without bothering to even listen. Finally listened to it last month (having a pile of hundreds of records on my floor that I’ve acquired over the last year and have yet to actually play), and I was unprepared for it’s awesomeness. If you are at all a fan of Laughingstock-era Talk Talk or Harry Partch or Cecil Taylor or Stomu Yamashta or Patty Waters or those insane Sonny Sharrock solo albums or even Dungen, you *may* find this enjoyable. Or you will find it to be winded, bloated, blathering, meandering, useless, and completely inessential. One or the other!
NP: “Country Boy”John Lee Hooker. Finally got a copy of “It Serve You Right To Suffer” on LP, and, well… it just sounds perfect.
NP: “Let Him Roll”Guy Clark. And the same day/store in Denver where I picked up the Marion Brown above, I also picked up the first two Guy Clark LPs in absolutely perfect condition. That was a good day. Besides the perhaps cringe-worthy non-PC refrain, this is still one hell of a sad song.
NP: “ITUNES_STREAM”ITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “WINAMP_STREAM”WINAMP (and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and REALPLAYER) USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: “PODCAST”PODCAST of all of the above songs. [80.5 MB, 70:18 minutes]
NP: “RAR_FILE”.RAR file of all of the above songs. [144.0 MB]

NR: Fun story of crazy pickpocket Apollo Robbins.
NR: Actually reading “Dharma Bums” after finding a copy laying on the street. Not really my mindset, but… I am enjoying it from a storytelling point of view.
NR: Best short fiction I’ve read in a long time in last month’s Harper’s: “The Hidden Person” by Salvatore Scibona.
NR: This week’s New Yorker article on Eric Cantor that doesn’t really make any attempts to hide the fact that he must be a major weenie: “If Cantor had had his way, he would have been in Guadeloupe. ‘My whole family went on a cruise, and I couldn’t go,’ he told me, glumly; he had to stay in Washington to deal with the fiscal-cliff crisis. His wife, Diana, said, ‘This was our twenty-third anniversary, and he missed my fiftieth-birthday cruise also.'”
NR: Slightly harrowing history of “anesthesia awareness” in last month’s Atlantic Monthly.
NR: Which reminded me of this old New Yorker article about people presumed to be in vegetative states and the uses of MRIs to potentially identify patients that can possibly be brought out of that state.

NW: Revisiting Moonlighting… Dune, Body Love (arty French porno from 1977 featuring a soundtrack by Klaus Schulze (who, coincidentally has an album entitled “Dune”) and starring Catherine Ringer (later to become the lead singer of French new wave band Les Rita Mitsouko), Man Of The West, The Lusty Men (coincidentally NOT a porno), Make-Out With Violence, the first four Hal Hartley movies (The Unbelievable Truth, Trust, Surviving Desire, Simple Men), Funeral Procession Of Roses at the MoMa (holy hell this was good), the first three Die Hards (gonna watch the 4th before going to see the 5th), Buffalo 66, and a couple of dozen others I can’t even think of off the top of my head.

NE: More Potbelly’s wrecks than you can shake a stick at.
NE: Pappardelle with braised rabbit and moroccan olives at Lavagna.

ND: Lots of Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout left over from the Ra Ra Riot show at Webster Hall in January.
ND: George T. Stagg. Have been hitting the Stagg a bit after showing some SERIOUS restraint over the last year. Didn’t get another one this fall, dammit.


After much time off from this, I’m going to give it a bit more of a go in 2013. fingers crossed!


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