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i tell ya it was bad advice… & TONIGHT – Mountain High and Chris Newmyer DJ set!

NP: “Take My Advice”Kurt Vile. A bit longer playlist this time than usual, but there’s a lot of ground I wanted to cover. Kurt Vile starts us off nicely.
NP: “Advice to Medics”Sun Ra and His Arkestra. Lovely little piece.
NP: “A Word of Advice”Th’ Faith Healers. As if I ever need an excuse to listen to Th’ Faith Healers.
NP: “Don’t Touch My Bikini”The Halo Benders. Remember when going to a show was fun?
NP: “Advice On Arrest”The Desperate Bicycles. Always earnest. Funny how my only other real knowledge of the S.P.G. is from the “Young Ones.”
NP: “Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)”Adam & The Ants. Peel Session recorded 35 years ago next week. Feel old?
NP: “Young Pussy Advisor”Chevy Heston. Always good for a fantastic song under 75 seconds in length.
NP: “Form And File”Archers Of Loaf. The next song is the reason I made this playlist. But this is the first song I wanted to add because of it.
NP: “Bad Advice”Protomartyr. As I said… This song is the reason for this entire playlist. The new Protomartyr record is freaking fantastic. A gargantuan leap forward. They still tick the Mission Of Burma / Wire / Fall / Husker Du / Pere Ubu boxes, but they’ve added an element of 1983 College Rock that’s really textural and lovely. Hints of Felt, R.E.M., Gang Of Four… I liked them before, but I was wholly unprepared for what they’ve done. Best record I’ve heard in a long long time.
NP: “Maybe Partying Will Help”Minutemen. And how can Protomartyr not make me think at least a little bit of Minutemen?
NP: “Good Advices”R.E.M.. This was the second song I thought of to put on this playlist, right after Archers Of Loaf.
NP: “Advice to the Graduate”Silver Jews. Some more college rock? Glad you asked!
NP: “Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste”Galaxie 500. Epic and beautiful. Still gives me goosebumps 25 years later.
NP: “Handsome Men”Rock Plaza Central. Any time I hear anything about elections or polls or surveys, I immediately think of this song.
NP: “Some Good Advice”Bill Fay. Seriously… some good advice..
NP: “Don’t Fall in Love if You Want to Die in Peace”Comet Gain. When twee was also sometimes beautiful. I should have also included that Radiolaria song from their first 7″… Didn’t realize that until just this second.
NP: “Don’t Go to Strangers”Etta Jones. Found a copy of this LP recently in Cleveland for a very fair price. It’s a great listen.
NP: “Advisory Committee”Mirah. I really need to go back and get all the Mirah albums. Note to self.
NP: “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On”Leonard Cohen. From “Death Of A Ladies’ Man.” A bit inessential, nice to hear Leonard having a bit of fun.
NP: “Advice to Schoolgirls”S.E. Rogie. From Sierra Leone, S.E. Rogie didn’t get to make many records, but they deserve to be heard by more folks..
NP: “Don’t Open The Door To Strangers”The Church. This is another song that I thought of immediately for this playlist, although it obviously sounds nothing at all like Protomartyr.
NP: “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White”The Standells. It’s true: sometimes good guys DON’T wear white.
NP: “Never Lose That Feeling / Never Learn”Swervedriver. Went back down the Swervedriver rabbit hole again recently. Happens every couple of years. Always loved this b-side / compilation track version.
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I’m DJ’ing tonight, and new 30 Milkshakes client Mountain High are making their NYC debut!

9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Passenger Bar

Here’s the Facebook event info.