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ever look at a flower and hate it? PLUS: Mike Pace record release!

NP: “Please Visit Your National Parks”Oxford Collapse. My love of Oxford Collapse has never been doubted… I just looked it up: I’ve was writing about them in earlier incarnations of this playlist as early as July 2003. I think that’s a good start to what is to come.
NP: “From The Fire”100 Flowers. One can pick up the Warfrat Tales comp LP fairly cheaply, and one should do so, if only for the two tracks by 100 Flowers. Perhaps better known by their other name, The Urinals, I can best sum it up by saying I would REALLY love to go back in time and see this band.
NP: “Pretty Machines”Parkay Quarts . New Parquet Courts. Second full LP in a year, and this one isn’t outtakes and missteps… This thing is freaking essential. Check them out tonight on David Letterman!
NP: “Tiger Trap”Beat Happening. Some of these new Parquet Courts songs on Content Nausea made me think of Beat Happening… the reliance on delivery and vocal melody to bring something lovely out of the repetition… They don’t sound anything like one another, i suppose, but… here it is anyway..
NP: “One Step Ahead”Split Enz. I’ve been trying to find a way to use this Split Enz quote from an 80’s Playboy:
        NEIL-“The last person in the world you would go near is a girl that hangs around backstage”
        PLAYBOY-“Why is that?”
        TIM-“For a start we’re not chauvinists. We don’t believe in the plundering of women kind. We’re not like some who boast loudly and proudly of having had a different woman every night. The thing is, woman are there in rock and roll and if you want to use them you can. There are girls who are willing to sleep with you just ‘cos you are a pop star. Unfortunately, because of our catholic upbringings, we just can’t look upon girls as anything other then wonderful, intelligent, beautiful human beings.”
        Now, obviously this is at least a little bit of a pisstake for Playboy (and I could argue that Catholics aren’t really known for their respect for women/the female body), but this is still pretty genius.
NP: “Don’t Wanna Be Like That”Joe Jackson. Hyper-literate, overly-verbose power pop? What? You think I like that stuff?
NP: “Fire Sale”Mike Pace and the Child Actors. Alright, alright… I’m being a bit coy. The entire damn reason this playlist/email exists is to promote the Mike Pace and the Child Actors “Best Boy” LP coming out on The Self-Starter Foundation next Tuesday. Mike’s always been one of my favorite songwriters, and what I’ve done here is sandwich the first single off of “Best Boy” into the middle of a bunch of other great frenetic college rock/alternative/indie rock pop songs. Duh. Oh, and… that ELO/Boston guitar solo makes me giddy every time. Just have to say that.
NP: “David Soul”Weston. When I was 20 years old and living in Bethlehem, PA, I was pretty sure that Weston were one of the best bands in the world. Now, after another 20 years of listening, buying, viewing, working with, and otherwise having my life dominated by music, I can look back with a much greater depth of knowledge and say, for sure, that Weston were one of the greatest bands of all time.
NP: “Thin Line”Ken Chambers. I compared Oxford Collapse to Moving Targets recently and it got me going back and listening. This is a track from Ken Chambers’ excellent solo album from 1991.
NP: “Frustration Rock”Tyvek. Just gotta give Tyvek some props.
NP: “Ever”Flipper. Finally own a copy of this on LP (Thanks, Andrew!). I feel like more of a man. A woozy, angry, wobbly drunk man who may have just been sick on himself. If I ever write the movie that includes the (really happened) scene at CBGB’s which featured a drunk guy running by me chasing his girlfriend yelling “Beth! Beth! It was only a blowjob!”, I’m going to change the band to be Flipper and they’ll be playing this song.
NP: “Faith”Moving Targets. Couldn’t decide whether to put a Moving Targets song or a Ken Chambers song on this playlist, so, you know… like the way I buy records, I did both. This is a bit more in the Oxford Collapse songwriting school than that Ken Chambers solo song above.
NP: “Will Anything Happen?”Blondie. I always love this song out of place. When it’s not surrounded by other Blondie songs it can really be seen as the power pop gem that it is.
NP: “Humming Bee”Senator Flux. I had to put this song as far away from “Please Visit Your National Parks”, because, well… They may be the same song. But damn this song made me jump up and down in WLVR when I played it on the radio.
NP: “Clifton Wall”Soul Side. I had seen Soul Side once in my life in the early days of going to see shows, and honestly I didn’t know who they were; I just went because it was a show nearby. So to get to see them again a couple of weeks ago at St. Vitus was really a treat. To get to see a lot of other old pussypunks I hadn’t seen in years was the icing on that treat. The band (and the friends) did not disappoint. “Lipstick lies, it looks so good. Lipstick lies, but tastes so bad.”
NP: ITUNES_STREAMITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: SOUNDCLOUDSOUNDCLOUD – stream the entire playlist on soundcloud.
NP: PODCASTPODCAST of all of the above songs. [60.2 MB, 52:39 minutes]
NP: ZIP_FILE.ZIP file of all of the above songs. [83.4 MB]



The Self-Starter Foundation is proud to announce the impending release of the debut LP by Mike Pace and the Child Actors. Starting immediately you will be able to purchase the limited pressing LP via mailorder and on January 13, 2015 you may download the digital files via your favorite digital download purveyor (Amazon, Itunes, etc.).

There will also be a record release show on Friday, January 16th at Union Hall in Brooklyn. All who attend the show will have the possibility of purchasing the LP that night… we will hold back enough copies to cover attendance of the show. After that, we’ll let you know what we do with any copies which remain.


Parquet Courts perform on David Letterman tonight, Tuesday, January 6th. There will be a viewing party tonight from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM at Passenger Bar with yours truly DJing old vinyl.

Come out and have a pint with us!