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the locals get up your nose PLUS: Villain Record Fair this Saturday!

NP: “Camille”Abdul Wadud. The aptly and amazingly titled “By Myself” record of solo cello work is maybe the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Difficult as all hell to track down, It’s well worth it. Hit me up if you want the .mp3s of the whole thing.
NP: “Track C – Group Dancers”Charles Mingus. Another tough one to track down, but nowhere near as hard as the Wadud. It’s not my favorite Mingus, but there is something about this one that makes you keep coming back to it.
NP: “Any Day Now”James Brown. I forget that there are often solid album tracks on the James Brown records. Not just a singles artist.
NP: “South Of Cincinnati”Dwight Yoakam. This one kills me a little everytime I hear it. What a heartbreaker.
NP: “Till I Gain Control Again”Emmylou Harris. That Yoakam reminded me of this Emmylou.
NP: “Old Flame”Alabama. This song has been stuck somewhere in the back of my head since its sync on “The Americans” last year. It’s possible it was only replaced by the sync this year of Eddie Rabbitt’s “Drivin’ My Life Away.” That was a truly inspired drop, and I know that the music supervisor for that show was well paid, but they still deserve a bonus for that one.
NP: “Hard Life In Country”The Fall. Been returning to a lot of The Fall catalog these last few months, for obvious reasons. RIP Mark.
NP: “Street Hassle: a) Waltzing Matilda; b) Street Hassle; c) Slipaway”Lou Reed. Been revisiting a lot of the Lou Reed and John Cale records lately, too. Just because.
NP: “Pling!”Shuggie Otis. Somehow I’ve went from having no copies of this essential Shuggie Otis record to having 3 copies just in the last year. Thanks ebay buyers and sellers for being confused about the reissues. I’ll have one of the copies for sale this Saturday.
NP: “The Mincer”King Crimson. It’s not my favorite King Crimson album, but “Starless and Bible Black” is absolutely one of my favorite album titles ever (Yes… I know it’s from Dylan Thomas). What a phrase. I’m immediately taken back to the bible in the dresser drawer with all the obituaries and funeral notices in it.
NP: “Cheree”Suicide. Don’t need any excuse to pull out the first Suicide album.
NP: “Saint George”Dungen & Woods. The Marfa Myths collab between Dungen and Woods finally came out a month or two ago, and it’s truly great. Basically the best aspects of both bands, distilled into an immediate potion. This is the best track, I think, but check out the whole damn thing.
NP: “Birdman: Birdman Flies!”McDonald & Giles. This has turned into my driving record of choice the last year or so. What a recording. Give it a headphone listen.
NP: “Twice Told Tales Of The Pomegranate Forest”Harumi. I kept seeing this record pop up at record fairs for pretty pricy amounts, so I started to try to track it down without even ever having heard it. I finally found one Buy It Now on ebay for far below its normal going rate. You’ll probably hate me for putting this track on here, but there are definitely redeeming qualities of the whole (double) album.
NP: “Grinning In Your Face”Son House. Only after getting so far as finishing this playlist and getting ready to type this stuff up and post it have I learned that somewhere along the line Jack White called this one of his favorite songs ever and a ton of people know it for that reason. Oops. I’m a poser, I guess. Still… fabulous track from an essential record.
NP: “The Bones In The Ground”Robyn Hitchcock. I Often Dream Of Trains. It’s true. I do.
NP: “Night-Blooming Cereus”Protomartyr. This song has haunted me since the first time I heard it live, and the album version doesn’t disappoint. Wow. Breathtaking.
NP: ITUNES_STREAMITUNES USERS – stream all of the above songs.
NP: PODCASTPODCAST of all of the above songs. [95.4 MB, 104 minutes]
NP: ZIP_FILE.ZIP file of all of the above songs. [201 MB]



It has been a LONG time. I hope this finds you well.

I also wanted to give you a heads up on something I have been working on for a while. The Villain Record Fair will be this Saturday, June 16th at Villain in Brooklyn. I feel there is a need for a nice middle ground record fair between the mania of the WFMU Record Fair and the lots-of-people-there-for-lots-of-reasons-but-probably-not-records crowds of the Brooklyn Flea record sale. Both of those events are great, but I am hoping to build a little tamer / calmer version that still connects the good shit with the people who really want it. This first one might be a little lighter than I am hoping, but we’ll see. I’m committed to doing 2 a year for 2018 and 2019, so hopefully this one will start the ball rolling.

We’ll have 20 vendors, vinyl DJs, a full bar for those over 21, and a free cold Old Blue Last beer for everybody over 21 that shows up. $3 at the door. No early bird or pre-sale.

Saturday, June 16th
11 AM – 6 PM
307 Kent Ave.
in Williamsburg