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when all the rainy pavement lead to you… Sophia Knapp live December 4th in Brooklyn!

NP: “The American Metaphysical Circus” – The United States Of America. In 1968 White Noise were forming in London, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band were putting out their third album in 18 months in Los Angeles, and (sorta) NYC transplants Joseph Byrd and Dorothy Moskowitz released the debut (and only) LP by The […]

i tell ya it was bad advice… & TONIGHT – Mountain High and Chris Newmyer DJ set!

NP: “Take My Advice” – Kurt Vile. A bit longer playlist this time than usual, but there’s a lot of ground I wanted to cover. Kurt Vile starts us off nicely. NP: “Advice to Medics” – Sun Ra and His Arkestra. Lovely little piece. NP: “A Word of Advice” – Th’ Faith Healers. As if […]

i left that gal in dallas; i wound up in maine…

NP: “If I Could Only Fly (studio)” – Blaze Foley. As almost always, it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these. So long that I can’t even necessarily remember why I picked some of the songs. There’s always a list in a .txt file; a directory with a pile of .mp3s. And perhaps some […]

he made me feel like i could play the guitar…

NP: “Since Yesterday” – Strawberry Switchblade. If this isn’t stuck in your head all day, then you probably never liked the Darling Buds. NP: “Threnody For Sharon Tate” – Freddie Hubbard – Ihlan Mimaroglu. And if this doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of you, you’ve probably watched way too many Italian horror flicks. NP: “Broken […]

lingers dark in the bark of the dogwood tree…

NP: “JC Auto” – Sugar. I’ve been on a bit of a Sugar jag, even before these re-issues were announced/released. Highly recommend these deluxe re-issues with the entire live concert sets and tons of BBC sessions as extras. Anybody with an original 12″ of the Beaster EP, please get in touch… I’ll hook you up. […]

and Sam just LOVES stereo component sets…

NP: “It’s Too Late” – The Jim Carroll Band. There’s a Parquet Courts song that sounds like a Jim Carroll Band song, so it made me go back to give this one a listen. I remember hearing this in high school and thinking that this was punk fucking rock. It’s not… it’s just snotty rock […]

it’s no river at all… it’s a tidal estuary.

NP: “Help” – Sonny Okosuns. Nigerian High Life is often quite enjoyable, but there’s something especially, um, special about Sonny. With a healthy dose of Memphis soul and Jamaican reggae, he brings a bit of warmth to the genre that is sometimes lacking. Vinyl rip of this 1976 Nigerian gem… sadly, not from my own […]

and I can hardly see your face, it’s all covered with Noxema.

NP: “Lover Come Back To Me” – Chet Atkins & Les Paul. Chester and Lester… You pretty much can’t go wrong. Don’t skip this one when you find it in the Goodwill LP bin, it’s worth all 50 pennies. NP: “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” – Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs. 1968 Flatt & […]

what brings out the beast in men?

NP: “Data 70″ – Christmas Decorations. Found the vinyl of this, the first Christmas Decorations record on Kranky, at Other Music a couple of weeks ago, and it’s become the default go-to for the last month or so. So good. NP: “Corporeal” – Broadcast. This week’s playlist was originally going to be used as one […]

i stood in the corner and watched you for almost two hours

NP: “Catch The Beat” – Planning By Numbers. I had never heard (or even heard of) this early pop record on Beggars Banquet until i bought it a couple of weeks ago for $4 based entirely on the packaging and the fact that it was an early Beggars thing that I had never heard of. […]