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i stood in the corner and watched you for almost two hours

NP: “Catch The Beat” – Planning By Numbers. I had never heard (or even heard of) this early pop record on Beggars Banquet until i bought it a couple of weeks ago for $4 based entirely on the packaging and the fact that it was an early Beggars thing that I had never heard of. […]

i was out late the other night; fear and whiskey kept me going.

NP: “Hey King” – US Maple. Been listening to a lot of jazz and Captain Beefheart lately, and it made me go back to this US Maple record. I guess I’m just pre-programmed to like jazz and Beefheart and such, because this record fits right into that tradition, but fuck if i new that in […]

touch me like you know me

NP: “You’ll Cry When I Die” – A House. I don’t like these things to have any sorta theme… I think it’s gimmicky and restrictive. But, still… every couple of months, I end up with a small pile of ignored tracks that just didn’t fit in other lists for whatever reason or I thought I […]

all I know is I’m clean as a whistle, baby…

NP: “Fire” – Robert Gordon w/ Link Wray. These Robert Gordon w/ Link Wray records are worth the dollar when you see them in the $1 bin, but not worth it when you see them for $4. A bit forgettable, but reasonably enjoyable while you are listening. This song, apparently, was originally written for Elvis, […]

croissant rock for beardos…

I was recently commissioned to do a two-hour playlist for a company who was holding a seminar / meet-and-greet in their offices, and it was about the “local” side of the “global/local” theme. So… they wanted some local and fresh music that was also a bit background-y. Consequently, this ended up being a bit of […]

look, there goes Art Carney again…

NP: “Skill” – The Desperate Bicycles. “You don’t need skill, just the desire…”. 1978 DIY at its finest. NP: “My Night Out” – The Homosexuals. More 1978 obscurity and randomness. This stuff should have been as *almost* as big as Wire, XTC, etc. NP: “Celebrity Art Party” – The Embarrassment. 1981 Wichita weirdness. No, i’m […]

don’t get philosophical, just fill me with your popsicle

NP: “Effortlessly” – Field Music. There’s something sorta “All Shook Down” Replacements-y about this track. In addition to the XTC influence that Field Music’s always had. I was really looking forward to this record, and it didn’t meet my expectations, but my expectations were pretty high. NP: “Not Like This” – I Was A King. […]

like a shingle on a roof in a windstorm…

NP: “Love More” – Sharon Van Etten. Wow. What a song, and what a fucking performance thereof. This is the first fruits of (Philadelphia’s finest) Mr. Brian McTear’s new non-profit Weathervane Music Organization’s Shaking Through program, and what a way to start. (Kristin Thomas of Simple Machines/Tsunami/Future of Music Coalition also has a hand in […]

must be in a good place now…

NP: “Isadora Duncan” – Vic Chesnutt. His is a loss that we will feel on some cellular level for quite some time. Vic is almost the pornographer of the indie rock world: you didn’t always like it, but on some level you were also glad to know that he existed. That he could get under […]

the first playlist of 2010…

NP: “The Man Who Called Himself Jesus” – Strawbs. Reine from Dungen didn’t necessarily get me hooked on Strawbs, but they came up enough in conversation that i felt that IT WAS TIME to delve into the Strawbs discography. Well, one Great Lake Swimmers tour, and a lot of competitive record shopping, later, and… well… […]