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a distraction… playlist #1 for June

NP: “Panama” – Rock Plaza Central. It’s Chris from Rock Plaza Central doing a Van Halen cover alone. What more do I need to say? NP: “Remember That Day” – Scrawl. I miss Scrawl. Really one of the most important bands in my life, when it comes right down to it. Women + dissonance + […]

REALLY distracted… playlist #2 for June

NP: “Free th City” – Surf City. Naming themselves after a Jesus And Mary Chain song, they wear their influences on their sleeve, but… what a great rush of a song. Hot damn. NP: “The Fraudulent Singer” – Colossal Yes. So catchy. One of those songs that makes you believe in college rock and shoves […]

the “not fooling myself” playlist

And this is the playlist that’s a lot more where my head is at the moment. This is the foil to the “not fooling anybody” playlist. NP: “Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” – Loudon Wainwright III. “When I see you again expect some champagne wine, and on Valentine’s Day expect a Valentine”. NP: “Nothing’s […]

the “not fooling anybody” playlist

big honking playlist of lots of stuff from the last couple of months… let’s just get straight into it. NP: “Let It Go” – The Asteroid No. 4. Shimmering pop song. Think The La’s, Ride, The Church, Trashcan Sinatras… Amazing. NP: The New Kid Revival – Her Space Holiday. Another amazing pop song. Been listening […]

a playlist just for the hell of it, and because it’s been too long…

We’ve missed lots of good music and lots of good concerts, but… let’s see if we can get this thing up and running again. Here’s a new playlist. NP: “Black Fur” – Fredrik. This record is a couple of months old at this point, but I’ve just come around to it. A couple of songs […]

oxford collapse party monday night plus playlist

I’ve finally purchased a new external hard drive, so… once i get all the new music i’ve been stockpiling on there (umm… literally 80 GB awaiting importing), these playlists should come more often. In the meantime, here’s a great long playlist, and then a very exciting announcement below about Oxford Collapse. Here’s this week’s playlist. […]

finally… a new music playlist

Wow. alright. it really has been far too long again. a bit of a decent excuse this time, as I recently had a computer stolen, and have slowly been getting back up to full speed. There’s nothing good about it, but… one thing that did come of it was that I lost all the music […]

music for this week

NP: “Away (Live)” – The Feelies. The Feelies reunion (and reissues) that we’ve been waiting for a long time are finally almost upon us. They’re playing July 4 with Sonic Youth (and… there’d BETTER be a Maxwell’s show or two in the works), and the re-issues are coming out on Bar/None. I have this bootleg […]

more music, and upcoming shows

NP: “Swimmer” – Four Tet. I’ve got to give this new EP about 48 more listens, as it hasn’t fully grabbed me yet. But I’m positive it will. NP: “Magic Doors” – Portishead. I’m not a fan of Portishead, I can admit. I’ve only went back and got the previous records after learning that there […]

the return of the self-starter NYC mailing list!

NP: “Head Rolls Off” – Frightened Rabbit. What do I need to say?. NP: “These Are The Eyes” – Bodies Of Water. This record is not as good as this song may lead you to believe. It’s inconsistent, and not just because every song sounds like a different band. But when it clicks, it’s pretty […]