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finally… a new music playlist

Wow. alright. it really has been far too long again. a bit of a decent excuse this time, as I recently had a computer stolen, and have slowly been getting back up to full speed. There’s nothing good about it, but… one thing that did come of it was that I lost all the music […]

music for this week

NP: “Away (Live)” – The Feelies. The Feelies reunion (and reissues) that we’ve been waiting for a long time are finally almost upon us. They’re playing July 4 with Sonic Youth (and… there’d BETTER be a Maxwell’s show or two in the works), and the re-issues are coming out on Bar/None. I have this bootleg […]

more music, and upcoming shows

NP: “Swimmer” – Four Tet. I’ve got to give this new EP about 48 more listens, as it hasn’t fully grabbed me yet. But I’m positive it will. NP: “Magic Doors” – Portishead. I’m not a fan of Portishead, I can admit. I’ve only went back and got the previous records after learning that there […]

the return of the self-starter NYC mailing list!

NP: “Head Rolls Off” – Frightened Rabbit. What do I need to say?. NP: “These Are The Eyes” – Bodies Of Water. This record is not as good as this song may lead you to believe. It’s inconsistent, and not just because every song sounds like a different band. But when it clicks, it’s pretty […]